How to be a Great Dad

IT'S IN YOUR HANDS Order Carmen's new book How to be a Great Dad — It's In Your Hands today. A culmination of years work and observation, How to Be a Great Dad combines thoughtful analysis on the nature of fatherhood with uplifting and enlightening stories, useful tips and advice, and handy activities for fathers of all ages. Carmen's goal is to help all fathers be loving, responsible, and fully involved in their children's lives.

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Do Good and Forget About it

HOW TO DO GOOD AND MOVE ON A Message from Carmen: When I was a kid, my dad used to say to me: "Carmen, just do good and forget about it." It's not an easy thing. Sometimes you just want to be acknowledged for doing the right thing. But "do good and forget about it" means something more. It is a reminder that simple acts of decency and kindness are what make us truly human. We shouldn't need praise and a pat on the back for doing what should be done. And if we all did good and forgot about it, wouldn't the world be a better place?

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Carmen has been writing a monthly column in The Mom & Caregiver Magazine: the longest standing, largest reaching family publication in London and surrounding area!


Carmen "Serving up fatherly advice" in the Niagara Falls Review article.


Carmen's new book How to Be a Great Dad—It's in Your Hands. is on sale!

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