Carmen Elefante

Carmen Elefante is a loving husband and father of two adored daughters. A top-selling real estate agent for over 20 years, he is a "people person" and a keen observer of humans and human interactions. Carmen grew up under challenging circumstances. Through many years of self-development, he determined that love and forgiveness were the keys to happiness, emotional recovery, and success in life.

do good and forget about it

Camen's personal mantra, "Do Good and Forget About it," reflects his desire to help others become better, happier, and more fulfilled human beings. Helping others is an essential goal in his life. Carmen's knowledge of what motivates human behaviour— gained through years as an entrepreneur and sales professional, have earned him accolades and made him a sought-after speaker. Author of the uplifting book How to Be a Great Dad—It's In Your Hands, Carmen uses his personal experiences of recovering from a difficult childhood to galvanize other fathers into action, and encourage a culture of active and loving parenthood.