"I really appreciate the honesty and candor that you used in writing about your relationship with your mother and I feel that she probably had a huge influence on you and the father that you have become today....and I liked how u wrote about forgiving her, even when she was too unwell to understand you, I'm sure that on some level she did understand......As well, I liked how you spoke about being 'present ' with your children and how our time spent with them is the best investment....I will never be a 'father' myself, however I feel that your book is very valuable to us mothers as well.....Thank you for sharing."
The Mom and Caregiver Magazine

I was visiting with my daughter and she had a copy of your book on the coffee table. I picked it up and flipped through to see some highlights then started reading realizing this is a book I would enjoy having myself. I find it has inspirational words. I do enjoy reading Dr. Dwyer and have a couple of his books which I select to read daily during "my time". I select one of his books to read that day, open the book randomly to a page and read that passage. This is not only inspiring, but gives me positive motivation to carry me through my day. I want you to know that I will be adding your book to my daily routine. I wish to thank you for my new avenue of inspiration.

"Where was this book 28 years ago? I asked myself this repeatedly as I continued reading. Carmen, your book brought back good memories for me as a mom, but also mixed feelings of what I should have done differently. I cannot go back and change past mistakes, but I can move forward and change the future…This is a book (that is) clearly not just about being a better father, but also on being human. This book will help anyone who is ready to be more than who they thought they could be, and for everyone who wants to be a better parent, friend, or partner."
Deborah Cunningham

I truly enjoyed reading your book. Congratulation on a well written and inspiring book. As a father of two grown daughters I feel blessed every day. I had a tear or two with your shared stories. I will take your words of wisdom you have shared and hope to continue to grow as a parent. I will try to "do good and forget about it". Thanks for the book.
Sach B.

"WOW!!!! Awesome book. An easy read with lots of practical ideas for dads…"
Bonnie Brent

Your book will inspire both men and women. The book is beautifully illustrated and speaks directly from your heart. Your guidance speaks loud and clear. It will resonate for all who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Like you, I wish that many will read your book and take what they need. For the individual that truly seeks to change, the book will serve as a guide and/or a daily reminder of how to be a Great Dad!! It must feel terrific knowing you will affect many people in such a positive way. It's in God's hands now! I look forward to the next book!

I read your book last night and it is absolutely wonderful. It is so well written and your story is inspiring - and the book looks amazing too. You will reach many people with this - you should be very proud of your accomplishment.

The book from cover to cover is inspirational and compelling. We take things for granted as parents and especially as fathers who are role models to our children whether you like it or not! It is those little things you mention in your book that sets it aside from others and motivates me to be even more determined to grow as a father as well as a person.

The book is magnificent and inspires you to be the best you can be! I loved it and so will my son who like you, is a wonderful Dad! Many thanks for sharing your wisdom.

My friend I do wish to congratulate you on completing this book and getting it out there for others to share in what I believe is not just for Dads to read! I knew in my heart you would accomplish getting this book in print. You are one of the most focused and goal oriented people I know. You have opened your heart to let others know how situations can be worked at to overcome while being a person that is thoughtful, respectful of others, putting his family first, helping and befriending those that need while dealing with day to day issues without that proverbial pat on the back. More people should reflect and act on the words you quote, "do good and forget about it". I appreciate you for you and that our paths did cross and it was for a good reason. I am positive of that.