Do Good And Forget About It

The saying Do Good and Forget About It is one of the hardest things in the world to do.

It's an old Italian maxim: "Do good and forget about it, do bad and you have to remember the people you did bad to." I think it is quite profound and it's something that I say all the time. I even use it on my business cards and in my advertising. It is also on the side of my house and on my father's gravestone. I devote an entire chapter to it in my book How to Be a Great Dad—It's in Your Hands.

So how do you do good and forget about it? You start by reminding yourself that you don't need praise for doing what everyone should do—acting with love and kindness. Did you know that there is a day devoted entirely to promoting random acts of kindness? On that day (Feb. 17 in North America) people are encouraged to do something kind or good to a stranger for no reason at all. It really is a do good and forget about it day. But how about instituting do good and forget about it day every day of the year? How about starting with your family and then moving on to your friends, co-workers, and strangers? Doing good can be its own reward.

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